SIRACO Irrigation is the leading indigenous irrigation company in Uganda whose extent of projects span across East Africa in the areas of irrigation works and consultancies. We offer high standard products with the world’s leading technologies giving our customers the most modern, affordable and efficient irrigation systems, with high with considerations to the environment.

SIRACO is the authorized distributor of leading irrigation manufacturers in Italy, France and India. The company offers a well-organized, flexible and effective response to clients with solutions that observe both budget and systems efficiency backed up by numerous years of experience and an experienced team of irrigation engineers. We are proud to be the industry leader of the irrigation business by way of our professionalism, quality, cost and irrigation engineering ethics in all our countries of operation.

Services include but not limited to:
• Irrigation consultancy,
• Irrigation systems,
• Rainwater harvesting,
• Agronomy services,
• Greenhouse construction

SIRACO; The masters of Irrigation

SIRACO is the leading international name in innovation, simplicity of use and eco-sustainability of products and designs for irrigation.

A success founded on a simple principle: to make the science of irrigation accessible to everybody, through the exploration of new frontiers in technology, design, cost and quality. SIRACO products come in a range of solutions that are comprehensive, original, affordable and in continuous development, to look after every plant in the best possible way, in the respect of an increasingly precious resource; water.