Irrigation Consultation

SIRACO Irrigation Consultancy is quality control of the installation of an irrigation system. Services we provide in order to do so include:

Existing Site Review, Water Auditing, Pre-bid Meeting, Bid Review Analysis, Pre-Construction Meetings, Field Administration, Site Visits, Substantial Completion, Walk Through, Punch List Development, Final Walk through (Acceptance)


Irrigation design

Carefully defining and reviewing unique constraints and variables of each project allows SIRACO to recommend the most feasible and economical approach for the design or the project’s irrigation system, all while keeping in mind the client’s budget and expectations. In particular, SIRACO looks beyond the initial construction costs to consider long-term management and annual water and power costs.

Complete and detailed construction drawings, including installation details and construction specifications, for irrigation systems are provided to our clients. Construction document packages are developed using computer engineering techniques as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools. Through the use of CAD, construction drawings, quantities, unit cost data, and as-built drawings are accurately and cost-effectively produced.

Irrigation Auditing

Irrigation Consultant Services also develops water management strategies that are customized for a given situation in order to be as effective as possible. The needs of clients differ depending on climate, budget/aesthetic expectations, soil conditions, and several other considerations. SIRACO has performed several water management studies for clients throughout the various regions of study

Topics studied range from central control feasibility and selection, to alternative water source payback analysis, to workstation integration and irrigation scheduling programs. We specialize in plans and efficiency analysis for municipalities, golf courses, farms and others in need of new or updating an aging irrigation system.

Sustainable landscape designs

SIRACO is taking irrigation to another level. To be able to irrigate the landscape, athletic fields, sports grounds, and golf courses, to meet their specific needs. We incorporate natural resource water by keeping storm water/rain water on site for landscape watering needs where it applies.

As for large development projects, we identify cistern holding configurations with a pin pointed design for the pumping and filtration systems.