Solid-Set (Fixed) Sprinkler Irrigation

Solid-SetWe supply and install solid set sprinkler systems. These are systems utilizing sprinklers mounted overhead on permanently installed risers. Sprinklers may run on pumps fulltime to provide for pressure and water discharge required. Although these have slightly higher initial setup costs, they require less labour requirements since systems are fixed, and the user only operates the pump and the field valves.………..


Movable Sprinkler Irrigation
Solid-SetWe design, install and repair moveable irrigation systems. They are sprinkler systems that can be moved from one point to another, called stations, enabling a system to irrigate a big expanse of area with less equipment, hence less initial setup costs. This however require more labour and time to cover an equivalent area.


Pivot Irrigation Systems
Solid-SettWe supply and install pivot systems and linear moves from leading manufacturers around the world.

This is a method of crop irrigation in which the equipment rotates around a pivot and crops are watered with sprinklers, the machines have drop sprinklers hanging from a u-shaped pipe attached at the top of the pipe with sprinkler head that are positioned a few feet (at most) above the crop, thus limiting evaporative losses. Drops can also be used with drag hoses or bubblers that deposit the water directly on the ground between crop rows. There are highly recommended for flat and slightly hilly terrains